NYC COVID-19 Reopening

New York City just entered stage 2 of reopening. At present we are still facing issues that make it impossible for us to provide effective representation for our clients. Therefore, until these issues are resolved, we can not take on any new clients.

To put it simply, the office situation is extremely unstable. We have covid-19 protocols that have to be built in, also Legionnaires Disease issues, and toxic water issues caused by the building being shut down. Not to mention trying to negotiate a direct deal with the landlord after the prime tenant defaulted. Even a temporary Plan B is not feasible because the entire city is reeling from the pandemic and the shut down.

Once we have addressed these issues, we will begin taking unemployment hearing and appeal clients. We will post updates here.

While we are closed we will be referring interested clients to other representatives who can take their cases. Please comment to this post for us to send you a referral link (the comment will not be published on the website- please include your first name, email address, and phone number).

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