How and why you quit your job can determine whether or not you can qualify for unemployment benefits.   Employees are often afraid of being terminated unfairly, and some would rather quit the job to avoid a negative mark on their record. Quitting to avoid termination can sometimes be worse for the employee than fighting Read More

Contrary to popular belief, quitting your job does not immediately disqualify you from receiving unemployment benefits. The key factor is whether or not you had good cause to quit. If you quit because you decided you just didn’t feel like working, that would probably fail the test. If you instead quit because you were harassed Read More

The summer is almost over. Millions of people will lose their summer jobs and file for unemployment benefits while they look for new work. If your employer tries to cheat you of your unemployment benefits you need to seek professional help. Some unscrupulous employers will lie and cheat to keep from paying anything towards your Read More

CMH Services is pleased to announce that on appeal before the NYS Supreme Court Appellate Division, Third Department, the Court recently ruled in favor of one of CMH Services’ clients: Matter of Jean, 135 A.D.3d 1281 (2016). But what really makes this case special is the Court’s reasoning. They actually decided the case on “substantial Read More

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