Uncontested Divorce

Uncontested/ No Fault Divorce for only $300 + Court Fees.
The process is simple. We do all the tedious and confusing document preparation for you.

Our intake department is located in Mid-Town near the Empire State Building (by appointment only).

To begin order online or call us at (212) 537- 6361 for an appointment.
A $30 processing fee applies to online orders.
No online processing fee applies if paid in person or by mail.
Online processing fee refunded if replacement in-person or mail
payment made within 3 weeks of order.

Divorce Service Options (+$30 online processing fee).

Don’t feel comfortable ordering online?

Come in to the office for face to face service at our Mid-town Manhattan office or call for other payment options including paying via postal mail.

Not able to come in for an appointment?

We also our offer the premium Divorce to Your Doorâ„¢ service. For a modest extra fee we will do the do the intake at your home or work and deliver all papers to you for signature at your convenience.

Divorce FAQ

What are the court fees?

The court fees are generally $335 in two installments: $210 for the index number and $125 for the Note of Issue (judge). These fees arepaid directly to the court, not to CMH Services.

Does CMH Services give me legal advice about my divorce?

No. We do not provide legal advice about your divorce or the legal issues involved in your divorce. If you feel that you need legal advice,we can refer you to very low cost options for legal consultation.

Are there any other fees I have to pay?

Our fee structure is simple. Our $300 fee includes all that is needed for the average uncontested/ no-fault divorce without children or property. We offer premium court services for $100 extra for clients who need the service. We also offer Divorce to Your Doorâ„¢ services for $300 more for people whose schedule won’t allow them to come into our office to sign and review paperwork. With children or property an additional $100 – $300 fee may apply.

Can I pay the CMH Services fee in installments?

Yes. We are willing to work with you to make your divorce affordable within your budget.

Should I use CMH Services for my divorce if I am also filing for Bankruptcy?

Yes. We can still prepare your divorce papers as long as you have already consulted with an attorney regarding your situation. Bankruptcy and Divorce done together can cause legal problems that a competent attorney can help you avoid. We can refer you to very low cost options for legal consultation regarding how your bankruptcy would effect your divorce.